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Who We Are

We are a collaborative of labor and working-class historians, labor studies and labor relations scholars, labor activists, and supporters. We are dedicated to the preservation of the history of working people and their movements in all of their diversity from the era of slavery and colonialism down to the present day.

Our Team

Our project is administered by the Kalmanovitz Initiative for Labor & the Working Poor at Georgetown University, but is collaboratively led and shaped by a diverse community of scholars, activists, and supporters. Among the scholarly advisors to the project are: 

  • Eileen Boris, University of California at Santa Barbara
  • Steven Brier, City University of New York
  • Patrick Dixon, Georgetown University
  • Crystal Feimster, Yale University 
  • Rosemary Feurer, Northern Illinois University
  • Leon Fink, editor of Labor: Studies in Working-Class History
  • Eric Foner, Columbia University
  • Thavolia Glymph, Duke University
  • Sergio González, Marquette University
  • Jim Gregory, University of Washington
  • Jennifer Guglielmo, Smith College
  • Cindy Hahamovitch, University of Georgia
  • LaShawn Harris, Michigan State University
  • Toby Higbie, University of California at Los Angeles
  • Michael Honey, University of Washington Tacoma
  • Michael Innis-Jiménez, University of Alabama 
  • Thai Jones, Columbia University
  • William P. Jones, University of Minnesota
  • Nick Juravich, University of Massachusetts at Boston
  • Peter B. Kaufman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Alice Kessler-Harris, Columbia University, emerita
  • Susan Levine, University of Illinois Chicago 
  • Mireya Loza, Georgetown University 
  • Nikki Mandell, University of Wisconsin, Whitewater
  • Joseph A. McCartin, Georgetown University
  • Jarod Roll, University of Mississippi
  • Shelton Stromquist, University of Illinois, emeritus
  • Joe William Trotter Jr., Carnegie Mellon University
Photo 00001, Labor History Resource Project