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Collection: Organizations

View: CIO Unions History and Geography

The CIO transformed American labor and American politics. Defying the American Federation of Labor’s commitment to craft unionism, the Committee for Industrial Organization was established in 1935 by leaders of the United Mine Workers and other AFL unions who embraced industrial union organizing strategies.

View: Knights of Labor History and Geography 1869-1899

The Knights of Labor was the largest and most extensive association of workers in 19th century America. Organized in 1869, the movement grew slowly in the 1870s, then surged in the 1880s, reaching a peak membership approaching one million in 1886-1887 with Local Assemblies spread across the country in more than 5,600 cities and towns.

Frances Benjamin Johnston, photographer. Wooden Box Industry: women in work room of box factory. ca 1910. Library of Congress Prints & Photographs Division.
View: Founding of the National Labor Union and the 1st National Call for a 8-Hour Work Day

The National Labor Union was founded on August 20, 1866, in Baltimore, Maryland. It was the first attempt to create a national labor group in the United States and one of their first actions was the first national call for Congress to mandate an 8-hour work day.

Logo for IWW History Project by the University of Washington
View: The IWW History Project: Industrial Workers of the World, 1905-1935

This project explores the history of the IWW in its first three decades, presenting information that has never before been available. We have compiled databases of more than 1,800 strikes, campaigns, arrests, and other incidents involving IWW members and present this information both yearbook format…