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Women Have Always Worked, an edX Course Exploration, 81-90

The following are video previews from the edX course “Women Have Always Worked” presented by Alice Kessler-Harris and Columbia University.

Document Examination: The Sally Goodgold Papers with Thai Jones
“Leaning In” with Nick Juravich | Having It All
Vivian Gornick on Sheryl Sandberg and “Leaning In” | Having It All
Introduction | Rethinking Gender
Overcoming Division | Rethinking Gender
A High Watermark for Social Activism with Alondra Nelson
Black Women in Leadership & the Politics of Intersectionality w/ Alondra Nelson
The Rising of Women | Rethinking Gender
Women’s Social Organizing and the Rising of Teachers with Nick Juravich
Social Dynamics of African American Men with Alondra Nelson

Video Gallery

Women Have Always Worked: Fighting for Equality: 1950–2018.
An exploration from an online edX course.

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