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Women Have Always Worked, an edX Course Exploration, 31-40

The following are video previews from the edX course “Women Have Always Worked” presented by Alice Kessler-Harris and Columbia University.

The War on Poverty with Premilla Nadasen
Civil Rights and Labor Organizing with Premilla Nadasen
The War in Vietnam and the New Left
Unleashing Women’s Imaginations: Cultural and Sexual Revolution
The Pill and the Women’s Movement in the 1960s with Elaine Tyler May
The Lesbian Movement with Blanche Wiesen Cook
Race and Birth Control with Elaine Tyler May
A Women’s Politics Emerges: The Equal Employment Opportunities Commission
Origins of Second-Wave Feminism with Linda Gordon
Doc. Exam.: Photos from the Women’s March for Equality with Vivian Gornick

Video Gallery

Women Have Always Worked: Fighting for Equality: 1950–2018.
An exploration from an online edX course.

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