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Women Have Always Worked, an edX Course Exploration, 1-10

The following are video previews from the edX course “Women Have Always Worked” presented by Alice Kessler-Harris and Columbia University.

Welcome to Women Have Always Worked! | Why Women’s History?
Introduction to Course 2 | Wage Work for Women Citizens: 1870–1920
Introduction to Course 3 | Negotiating a Changing World: 1920–1950

Introduction to Course 4 | Fighting for Equality: 1950–2018

The Tension of the 1950s | The Woman Citizen in a Cold War World
Women’s Work Inside and Outside the Home in the 1950s with Elaine Tyler May
Redlining with Elaine Tyler May
Suburbanization with Nick Juravich
Fear of the Foreign | The Woman Citizen in a Cold War World
The Cold War with Elaine Tyler May
New Skills and New Workers | The Woman Citizen in a Cold War
Consumerism with Nick Juravich
Domesticity & Its Implications for Black and White Women with Elaine T. May

Video Gallery

Women Have Always Worked: Fighting for Equality: 1950–2018.
An exploration from an online edX course.

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