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A look inside what happened with PEIA in West Virginia


CHARLESTON, W. VA. (WCHS, WVAH) — West Virginia’s Public Employees Insurance Agency, known as PEIA, has become an issue of heated debate during the current legislative session. So, the Eyewitness News iTeam took a closer look at what exactly PEIA is and why it is so important to the state.

While the general public may see West Virginia as a government entity, it IS an employer and like any large employer, the state offers health insurance to its employees. So, the state Public Employees Insurance Agency is an insurance program the state offers its employees. A former PEIA Finance Board member gives us some historical perspective of how PEIA operates and how it got to this point.

For the past several days, teachers have been rallying for not only better pay, but for state lawmakers to fix the Public Employees Insurance Agency. The health plan, however, affects more than just teachers. It affects more than 200,000 employees.